Own and verify your personal identity for web3

Use it to get whitelisted for special NFT collections, DAOs, or DeFi onboarding

choose what you share - own your data

Why do we need authenticated identification in web3?

In web3 we love anonymity and yet

  1. web3 projects still need to guard against Sybil attacks
  2. DeFi onboarding still needs to follow KYC/AML regulations

As web3 users, we still want to own and encrypt our identities so that we only share what we want with who we want.

This is where realid.eth comes in.

What do we do for individual wallet holders?

  1. We authenticate your identity document and use it to create you a digital identity linked to your wallet address. We don't own this - you do - and it’s fully encrypted and portable. This is your realid.
  2. We register an ENS subdomain that you can use to show people, “hey, this wallet address has been authenticated!” Share it to get onto NFT whitelists, into DAOs, or onboarded with one click to regulated DeFi platforms.
  3. If you need to verify one part of your identity, (for instance, that your first name is Ryan so you can get into RyanDAO) you can do it without giving up the rest of your identity. You choose what you share.

Why is this exciting for an NFT drop, DAO, or DeFi platform?

  1. With one line of code verify realid.eth wallet addresses.
const result = await provider.resolveName(`${address}.realid.eth`);      if(parseInt(address, 16) === parseInt(result, 16)) {    // address has Real ID}

2. Guard against Sybil attacks and follow KYC/AML regulations.

3. Reduce sign-up friction and lower costs for exchange.

4. If desired, create membership requirements based off of the attached identity (for instance, if you wanted to create an NFT collection that could only be minted by residents of New York City) without requiring users to give up their whole identity.

How do we do it?

Our document authentication partner uses best in class ML to validate identity.

We have our own smart contracts that only allow a single real world ID to be connected to one verified wallet address.

Merkle trees allow the user to verify one part of their data without compromising the rest.

encrypted, self-sovereign authenticated identity


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